Major website on Quechua (Quichua, Runasimi) in English – y en castellano.  Online sound recordings, photos, maps, intriguing facts and frequently-asked questions about the Quechua language, origins, history, regional differences, speakers and status, how and where to learn Quechua, spelling, grammar, etc..  Intended for general readers, plus specialist sections on Quechua linguistics.


Welcome to Quechua!

the language of the people who built this...


Built by Quechua-Speakers...


... and of millions of their descendants in the Andes today.


This web address is home to three websites on Quechua and Aymara. 
We are preparing a new portal to bring them together, but for now please choose here: 


1.  Our Main Quechua Website moved here from its old home at

2.  The  Sounds of the Andean Languages website and accompanying cd‑rom.  Listen online to recordings of languages of the Quechua and Aymara families, as spoken throughout Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador.  See over 400 photos of all these Quechua- and Aymara-speaking regions.  Find out about the origins, history and regional diversity of both language families, and about official Quechua spelling.

3.  A more technical website, intended particularly for linguists, on A Comparative Study of the Andean Languages.




last updated:  7th June 2006