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Before you email me, please note:

I am very pleased to get many emails from other Quechua enthusiasts, and I’m in frequent contact with many good friends I’ve met thanks to them emailing me.  So please do feel free to contact me on most matters Quechua, but there are a few types of emails that I have had rather too many of, so please, not these types of email:

   Please, no requests for help with Quechua translations, however short.  If it’s about the preparation of teaching materials, I am interested.  If it’s a serious, important text, I’m unlikely to be free, so I suggest you click here.  And sorry, but I cannot simply be a free translator for everyone’s pet requests from around the world.  My time is much better spent on expanding this website for all.

   Also, please, no emails about missionary work either.  Indeed, my resources are not intended to support such work:  honest missionaries will respect my wishes and not consult my pages.  If you really must know why not, click here.

   I get plenty of emails asking for further information when precisely the information requested is already on my site somewhere.  So before sending in such requests, please do me the favour of check all my website first to make sure that the information you’re looking for isn’t already there – in particular try the links page, the learning Quechua page, and the bibliography pages.

   Also, no emails of the type “haven’t I heard?” of the startling discoveries ‘proving’ Quechua’s relationship with other languages like Chinese, Hebrew, Turkish, Hungarian, Basque, Sylvanian, Clingon, or your other particular favourite.  Only Aymara, Puquina or Callahuaya please.  Why not?  Try this link:

   After all that, I repeat that I am only too pleased to get any other emails, especially from other Quechua enthusiasts.  I'll reply as fast and as fully as time allows.  To avoid it being found by spammers’ web searchers, you’ll have to work out my email address yourselves from this:  it’s  quechua AT quechua DOT fsworld DOT co DOT uk.  Oh, and no formality required, I’m just called ‘Paul’.  I’ll next be in the Andes around March to May 2006.


Who can do you a Quechua Translation?


Any decent translation takes a lot of time and care, from someone who is highly qualified and talented.  Translating is a professional job and not something people can do for free!

For a good translator of Quechua to or from English or Spanish (and other languages), I suggest you contact Serafín Coronel‑Molina, via his Quechua website at:

Serafín is a professional translator, as well as a native speaker of Huanca Quechua and near‑native in other varieties like Ayacucho.  He’s also a native speaker of Spanish, has perfect English (he has married an American and lived in the USA for many years), and can translate from other languages too.  He has a good deal of experience in translating (such as the charter of the United Nations) and is the author of the second edition of the Lonely Planet Quechua Phrasebook.

If you’re in Cuzco, I suggest César Morante Luna (his contact details are on my learning Quechua page).



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