Comparative Study of Andean Languages


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Documentation on How to Use the DataBase

You may first wish to click here to go to Introduction to Our DataBase, on a separate page on this website, which includes some very basic sample data.  For fuller documentation on each of the following topics, please click on these links to download .pdf documents.  These documents have been provided in .pdf format so that there are no problems in interpreting our phonetic symbols (the fonts are embedded in the .pdfs).


How to Use Our DataBase

Transcription Policy

Key to Phonetic Symbols

Status of Reference Correlates



Download the DataBase

The file is in Microsoft Access format, and should be useable in any edition from Access 2000 onwards
(i.e. Access 2000, Access XP, and Access 2003)


Simply click on one of the links below to download the database:

zipped (compressed) format:  377 KB

OR:  original (uncompressed) format:  1472 KB  (1.5 MB)


Both files are identical, the only difference is that the first will download much faster,
but you will then have to simply ‘unzip’ it by right-clicking on the file once you have saved it to your disk



Current Status of This DataBase:  Version 1.0

This is the first version of the full database for my comparative study of Andean languages in their lexical semantics (150 basic meanings for 21 Andean language varieties), the data for my article published in Revista Andina 40 in April 2005. 

An extended version including my comparative phonetic data, complete with phonetic transcriptions and clickable sound files from our recordings, will be made available around the end of 2005.  For more details, click here.


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